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Chef Salvatore Corea offers his expertise in preparing Nouveau Italian Cuisine to La Gioconda Restaurant.  Chef Corea's experiences are varied.  He has been the Executive Chef of several restaurants in Rome as well as other parts of Italy including the refined and elegant La Torre restaurant on the wealthy Tuscan Island of Giannutri.               

Chef Corea graduated from The Soverato School of Restaurateurs and thereafter attended the prestigious finishing school of chefs "A Tavola con Lo Chef", in Rome.  There he studied under Master Chefs Alberto Ciarla from whom he learned exacting and flavorful preparation techniques for fish and seafood; and, Antonio Sciulla from whom he garnered his knowledge of appetizers, entrees and desserts.          

Chef Corea's creative culinary abilities are evident in all of his specialties.  He has a unique ability to combine fresh seafood and succulent vegetables into exquisite culinary masterpieces. 

Chef Corea is also known for his blending of sweet and savory flavors.  He uses fresh, simple and light ingredients so as to allow one to savor the natural flavors of each dish's components.  It is the very simplicity of his offerings that bring out the true flavors of the food and produce delightfully unexpected results. His bold culinary vision produces pyrotechnic results in prosciutto wrapped shrimp with cannellini beans, and achieves perfection in baked pork chop in paprika & honey. And possible his sweet pea mousse is unrivaled on this side of the Atlantic Ocean . 

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